There are many excellent reasons to choose the Plantation Party House for your wedding, wedding reception, or other special event in the Greater Rochester, NY area and we would love to tell you about them:

Privacy & Dedication

The Plantation Party House is an event venue located on 25-acres of private grounds. It includes a large parking lot, banquet hall with a centrally-located bar, ample restrooms, a private bridal suite, a multi-level deck, gazebo, and pond with a fountain.

All facilities, staff, and amenities at the Plantation Party House are booked for one single event at a time. This means you won’t be sharing the grounds with golfers, aimlessly searching for parking spots, waiting for people outside of your party to get drinks from the bartender, or bumping into strangers in the bathrooms.

Service & Professionalism

Plan your event with the assistance of our extremely experienced planning staff, then our skilled maitre d' will direct your entire function from the time you arrive until your last guest has departed. You can rely on our formally-attired staff to provide excellent service with grace. From set-up to close-up you will be guided and supported exactly as much as you desire.

Beauty & Comfort Year-Round

Whether in the heat of the summer or in the cold of winter, the Plantation Party House is a great event venue. The grounds are gorgeous in every season, offering innumerable photo opportunities. The banquet hall is comfortably air-conditioned when it’s hot outside, and comfortably heated when it’s cold outside so you can enjoy as much (or as little) sun/snow as you like during your event. The ample bathrooms and Bridal Suite are designed to be “lounge-like” and are as lovely as the rest of the facility.

Customization & Personalization

The banquet hall at the Plantation Party House features an understated tan and black carpet, neutrally-colored walls/ceilings, and elegant lighting fixtures. The gazebo is white. The decking is plain and is cradled in greenery in the warm months and blanked in snow in the cold months.

Our “blank canvas” works with any event color scheme, theme, and decor. The grounds and facilities photograph beautifully all year, and you can decorate as much or as little as you like. No two events at the Plantation Party House are ever quite the same.

Event Planning Expertise & Experience

Parties are complicated when you acknowledge all of the working parts: the people, the decor, the lighting, the music, the food, the drinks, rental equipment, the parking, special needs, the favors, etc. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

We’ve been helping our customers plan and host amazing weddings, receptions, and other spectacular events since 1967. We have extensive experience in event planning and enjoy navigating the challenges that come with creating great gatherings. This is our area of expertise and we really enjoy doing it.