A Large Gazebo with Blue Ceiling Nestled in the Trees

Our large, white, wooden gazebo sits tucked in among the trees and flowers on the grounds of the Plantation Party House between the deck and pond. The gazebo roof is lined with hearts. Inside, the gazebo ceiling is blue like the sky

(Fun Fact: painting porch and gazebo ceilings blue actually discourages birds and bees from nesting in the rafters).

The simple design and coloring of the gazebo means it can easily be decorated to your specific color scheme and taste. Some folks hang flower baskets, some drape the ceiling in fabric, some hang flower garlands.

How You Use the Gazebo is Up to You

Our patrons use the gazebo in a variety of ways and you can use it as much or as little as you want to for your specific event. Here are a few ways it has been used:

  • Bride and groom married in front of the gazebo

  • Bride and groom married inside of the gazebo

  • Candle/sand ceremony conducted inside of the gazebo

  • Musicians play inside of the gazebo

If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, seating can be arranged in a number of different locations around the gazebo and in the seating pattern of your choosing.


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